Mary Alexander Long

A true pioneer woman with an infectious laugh and smile.  Classy to the core. However, you were never shy to speak your mind or stand behind your values.

You had a relentless enthusiasm for life. Traveled the world. You had friends and memories scattered all over the globe. Even in your older years you still loved to go-when I asked if you had a good time, you always replied “I never go anywhere I don’t have fun”.

Family was everything. There was no distance or effort you would not go for your children and grandchildren.  A source of stability and unconditional love.

You were widowed- twice. Lost a child to cancer. Survived polio, the Dirty Thirties, the Great Depression and World War II. When I asked you how you endured so much heart ache and loss, you simply responded “I just made up my mind”

So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna keep fighting for better days and better years. I’m going to choose to inventory the good over the bad. I can think of no better way to celebrate my Grandmother than to try and be more like her.

“Stay with it kid”

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