My Journey with Midge

As I head home from what has certainly been a blessed summer, I feel inclined to share my story about Midge. Not because I think we are some kind of special, but because I hope that my story can encourage someone else.

First off, in the arena we have come a long way. He has certainly not always been user friendly, and there’s plenty of videos and stories to document a tumultuous journey. After I had some limited success, I came out last summer to dabble at a few rodeos and essentially got it handed to me. Won a little (not much), humbled A LOT. But I didn’t just keep entering, that has never made sense to me. I went home and went to work. I knew we could do better. I didn’t whine, I didn’t blame anyone but myself. I never gave up on him being a winner and I was willing to put forth any work or time needed to make that happen. But the journey it took us to get where we are is one of the reasons I appreciate him so much. He is responsible for making me better. Challenging me to get help from people I admire and respect. In the efforts and hours spent to understand him…I developed better feel, timing and horsemanship. If he had been easy, there would be so much I wouldn’t have learned. I have always wanted to be “good” with horses. Now I look back at the “bad times”, through all the tears and the feelings of failure, I can see how God was actually using those to develop the skills in me to be good. Gods neat like that.

So all that makes him pretty cool, but what makes him so special to me, has nothing to do with performance or winning. Most people know that last year I lost my sister, a parent, a grandparent and my beloved dog… and Midge both literally and figuratively carried me through. When I got the call about my sister, I had just finished riding him, he was still tied to the trailer. He actually untied himself as I was receiving the news . I literally had to pick myself off the floor because he was running around and picking fights with the other horses. I got him caught and then sat in shock holding his lead rope in our driveway until my husband came to get me. A week later, when I got the call about my stepdad, I was at a barrel race with him and hid in his stall until family arrived to get me. He was with me at the ranch when Grandma passed and was led to her doorstep to say his own final goodbye. She had loved him, she always got a chuckle out of his antics or my calls home to tell her how I did. Whenever I would describe one of his escapades, she would aways tell me “stay with it kid”. I was with him at the Fizz Bomb when we had to make the decision to put down my beloved dog of 14 years. EVERY TIME tragedy struck, he was there. It was odd really. But having him there honestly brought me immense comfort. He was this living breathing reminder that maybe, just maybe, tomorrow would be better. That I still had dreams, experiences and joys to fight for through all the sadness.

So if you’ve read this far, bless your heart. But this is the message I really want to share about my story and journey with Midge: (1) God doesn’t always give you what you want, He will give you what you need. (2) Whatever God calls you to, He will lead you through. I wholeheartedly believe Midge is a gift I received to help me through some really hard times. I’ve lived a lot of my life in fear- “what if… happened” and then it all did happen, in about a 6 month span. But in and through that journey, I’ve learned I have nothing to fear. Because whatever tragedy, setback or heartbreak I may face…my God will put into motion what I need. And years ago, he knew I would need Midge.

I don’t know who may have needed this, and it’s probably a better story over a beer or coffee than a newsfeed, but whoever it finds and wherever your at in life, I hope your encouraged.